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The School Day

The School Day

Children attend our school daily from 8.45 am to 3.15 pm.


The Start of the School Day

Doors open at 8.40 am.  Children are expected to arrive before this time and line up outside classroom doors. Teachers should open doors promptly at 8.40 am to allow children to enter.  Children are encouraged to organise themselves and sit quietly engaged in and activity until it is time for registration at 8.45 am.  Parents are able to pass messages to teachers during this period but if they require further discussion they should be asked to make and appointment at the school office.


Times of the day

8.40 am    Doors open

8.45 am    Register

10.00 am   Assembly (apart from Monday and Friday)

10.15 am    Playtime

10.30 am   End of playtime

12.00 am   Lunch

12.55 pm   Register

2.00 pm     Afternoon playtime for FS and Key Stage 1

2.15 pm     End of afternoon playtime

3.15 pm     End of school day