Autumn Term Specialist Week

'Once upon a time in Barleyhurst'
Book Week October 2020

This year our annual Book Week sadly wasn’t the usual, interactive week that we have all enjoyed over the years as the children needed to stay in their bubbles. Instead, this year the activities were more class based but still allowed the children to explore and share stories together.

Our theme was 'Once upon a time in Barleyhurst' and we obviously explored fairy tales! Staff planned a wonderful week of reading, planning, exploring, writing and enjoying texts! Some classes focused on one particular fairy tale and others delved into lots of different stories to explore.

Although there were no whole school activities this year we still wanted to offer the opportunity for the children to finish the week with our usual fancy dress Friday! As the theme was fairy tales, we saw lots of princesses, princes, woodcutters and ugly sisters around school and as a special treat, to replace our usual tea party on the Friday, we watched a fairy tale based film on the Friday afternoon in class.