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Online Safety

At Barleyhurst Park Primary, technology is an integral part of each child’s education, however we also appreciate that as children use laptops, tablets and other devices, particularly when accessing content online, there are additional risks. At school, we cover a wide aspect of online safety so that as children get older and use an increased range of resources, they are able to keep themselves safe online.

Starting this year we have also subscribed to the National Online Safety site which has a host of resources available to help ensure children stay as safe as possible while using the internet and enjoying its benefits. Each week they publish a new online safety guide (usually 1 page) which provides the information for parents on a particular topic. The guides cover a whole range of useful subjects, some of which include, Using Smart Phones, Hate Speech Online, Texting Awareness, Snapchat as well as sharing key information about the latest games which children may be playing online.

We hope you find these bursts of information useful and use them where necessary to support your child in staying safe as they enjoy the wonders of the internet.

If you have any questions about online safety, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 22.11.23
Smart TV 15.11.23
Microtransactions 08.11.23
X 01.11.23
EA Sports FC 18.10.23
Upsetting Content 11.10.23
Among Us 04.10.23
Vaping Dangers, 27.09.23
WhatsApp, 20.09.23
Setting Boundaries Around Gaming, 13.09.23
W APP, 19.07.23
Rumble, 05.07.23
Amino, 28.06.23
A.I, 21.06.23
Money Muling, 14.06.23
OmeTV, 07.06.23
Influencers, 24.05.23
Wellbeing Online, 16.05.23
Telegram, 09.05.23
King Charles III, 03.05.23
Wizz, 26.04.23
Children and Parents' Media Usage Report 19.04.23
Managing Device Stress and Anxiety, 29.03.23
Creating Strong Passwords, 22.03.23
Adopting Safe and Healthy Online Habits, 15.03.23
iPads, 08.03.23
NGL, 01.03.23
Spotify, 22.02.23
How Gaming can Support Positive Outcomes, 08.02.23
Encouraging Open Discussion About Digital Lives, 01.02.23
Building Cyber Resilience, 25.01.23
Twitter, 18.01.23
World of Warcraft, 11.01.23
Staying Safe On New Devices, 04.01.23
Setting Up Apps, Games, and Software, 14.12.22
HiPal, 07.12.22
Social Media and Mental Health, 30.11.22
TikTok, 23.11.22
Call Of Duty, 16.11.22
How To Combat Online Bullying, 09.11.22
Amigo, 02.11.22
Sendit, 19.10.22
Fifa 23, 12.10.22
Being Green With Tech, 28.09.22
Reddit, 21.09.22
Queen Elizabeth II, 14.09.22
Roblox, 07.09.22
Equality Online, 13.07.22
Steam, 06.07.22
Minecraft, 29.06.22
Esports, 22.06.22
Twitch, 15.06.22
Virtual Reality, 08.06.22
Inappropriate Cross-Platform Content, 25.05.22
YouTube Kids,11.05.22
Feeling Lonely Online, 04.05.22
Group Chats, 27.04.22
Media Usage Statistics, 06.04.22
Facebook, 30.03.22
Phone Scams, 23.03.22
Dealing with upsetting content, 16.03.22
WhatsApp, 02.03.22
Wink, 16.02.22
Checking In With A Friend, 09.02.22
Top Tips for Respect Online, 02.02.22
YouTube, 25.01.22
Horror video games, 19.01.22
Fortnite, 05.01.22
Making The Most Of The Online World This Christmas15.12.21
Alternative Christmas Song, 08.12.21
Age-Inappropriate Content, 01.12.21
Cryptocurrency, 24.11.21
Spreading Happiness Online, 17.11.21
Netflix, 10.11.21
Snapchat, 03.11.21
Social Bots, 20.10.21
Guided Access, 13.10.21
Tinder, 06.10.21
Pokémon Go! 29.09.21
Parental Controls For Android, 22.09.21
Parental Controls For iPhone, 22.09.21
Social Media Scams, 15.09.21
Rocket League, 08.09.21