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Foundation Stage - Lions

Welcome to Foundation Stage!


Lovely Lions look, listen and learn

The EYFS Curriculum
The Early Years curriculum (EYFS) sets standards for the learning development and care of children from birth to 5 years old. It features the 7 areas of learning and development. It sets out expected developmental milestones in the 7 areas of learning. These areas of learning encompass aspects of all those 'subjects' in later phases of education. Teachers and teaching assistants work as a team of foundation stage practitioners and skilfully link learning intentions based upon themes and following children's interests. This is a strong emphasis on active play based on learning. 
Find out out more about our curriculum by clicking on our Key skills documents.
 Termly Overview
At Barleyhurst Park Primary School we are determined to foster an environment that enables our youngest learners to be happy and motivated. We aim for children to be excited, enthused and to think and work creatively. We nurture children in order for them to feel secure, valued and respected. This enables them to flourish both socially and academically. 
Below are our half termly overviews, showing the learning opportunities available to the children each half term.   
Foundation Stage 2
In our early years foundation stage we meet the needs of all our children through a challenging and exciting environment full of interesting and exciting provision. Our attached information guide outlines what to expect in our Foundation Stage 2 environment. 
Attached is a  guide outlining how we teach reading within the foundation stage. 
Useful websites
Please find attached useful websites you may wish to share with your child at home. 
See how we learn
The lovely lions are always incredibly busy exploring their learning environment...have a look
We cooked and tasted noodles during our Chinese New Year week. Yummy!
We built houses out of different materials using different joining techniques.  'The Big Bad Wolf' tried to blow them down later with a hairdryer!!  It was fun to see which one was the strongest.
We have been using 2D shapes  and our own ideas to create pictures during busy time.  We have also learn about repeating patterns.
We walked to Melrose shops and used our shopping lists to buy items for Mothers's Day afternoon tea.
Monster Phonics launch day
At the beginning of September the children in Lions got to dress up as their favourite Monster Phonics character! The children have loved getting to know all the different characters from our phonics scheme. Who can you spot?
As part of our topic Autumn the lions visited the wildlife hospital Tiggywinkles. We spent the whole day learning about how hedgehogs are looked after when they come into the hospital. We also learnt facts about hedgehogs and other British wildlife the hospital look after. 
We celebrated Lion the lion's birthday by making a cake. The children had to listen to the instructions to know how to make the cake. It was yummy. We all shared it at Leo's birthday party. 
The lion's made porridge! We listened to the familiar story Goldilocks and the three bears. Just like Goldilocks the children made the porridge and then ate it. Yummy!