Foundation Stage - Lions

Welcome to Foundation Stage!


Lovely Lions look, listen and learn

Termly Overview
Letters and Sounds
 Play along with the Alphablocks and have fun with the letters of the alphabet.
Listen to this week’s CBeebies Radio.
Please find attached a parental guide outlining what to expect in your child's first year at school. We hope it answers all your questions. 
Please find attached a parental guide outlining how we teach reading within the foundation stage. 
Useful websites
Please find attached useful websites you may wish to share with your child at home. 
EYFS Curriculum
The Early Years curriculum (EYFS) sets standards for the learning development and care of children from birth to 5 years old. It features the 7 areas of learning and development. It sets out expected developmental milestones in the 7 areas of learning. 
A supporting document called Development Matters is a non - statutory guidance for the early years foundation stage to support the development of learning. 
Please look at the areas of learning we will be focusing on in Nursery and Reception. 
We have been learning to take away by counting how many left using practical objects.
Letter formation
Water play - capacity
We have been learning to find out which container holds the most amount and least amount of water.
Cooking scrambled eggs and reusing the egg shells for planting seeds
During our Reuse, reduce and recycle week we cooked and tasted scrambled eggs and then
reused the egg shells for planting cress seeds.
Chinese New Year
During our Chinese New Year week we tasted noodles.  Everyone liked them and wanted some more!
Loose parts
We have loved using loose parts including natural materials for construction.
Baking biscuits
We learnt to bake teddy bear biscuits during our 'Bears' topic.  We learn to take turns in doing different jobs.
Practising writing on our class whiteboard - always very popular
Sharing resources in the garden