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Religious Education Curriculum Statement



​At Barleyhurst Park Primary, we believe that Religious Education (RE) is vital to children’s well-being. RE promotes the social, moral, cultural and mental development of all pupils and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. 

We also aim to give the children a deep understanding of a range of religions and beliefs. We promote our children to be highly reflective and ask significant questions to dive into the reasoning of their beliefs and practises. Crucially, we encourage a safe environment where children are free to share beliefs, values, practice and way of life.



Using the Milton Keynes RE Syllabus, we follow the strands of Believing, Behaving and Belonging. To supplement this, we also use Discovery RE where in Key Stage 1 the teaching and learning is focused around Christianity and Judaism. At Key Stage 2, teaching and learning is extended to include Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism, alongside other religions and understanding of non-religious approaches to life. Children are encouraged to look for the connections and similarities between belief systems, as well as exploring the differences.

The RE curriculum is delivered through a range of strategies and resources including some of the following:

 - Children are given an opportunity to work in pairs and small groups

 - A range of religions are included

 - Children are able to complete both creative and written activities

 - Assemblies and a church visit

 - Discussions and linking of learning to personal experience

 - Visual and auditory resources are used

 - Differentiation is used to ensure that all children can access the learning



The teaching of RE at Barleyhurst Park will ensure that our students have a wider understanding of the world and the beliefs that are contained within it. It will ensure that the children will be considerate of others and can respect the different activities or celebrations that are happening throughout the year. Diversity will be promoted and all beliefs will be given a safe space to be shared and discussed.