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Lunch at School

Lunchtime is from 11:45am to 12:30pm for KS1 and FS, and from 12:15pm to 1:00pm for pupils in KS2. Children may eat a packed lunch which is brought from home or they may choose to order a hot meal which is delivered daily. We request no nut products to be brought into school as we have a number of pupils with severe allergic reactions to nuts. 
Hot School Meals are provided by EB's Catering. The cost of school meals is £2.50 per meal. If you would like to place an order we require your meal choices and payment to be completed on ParentPay by Wednesday for meals the following week.

If you are entitled to Free School Meals then meal choices still need to be made but all meals are FREE – see below for more information.
In addition, all pupils in Lions and Key Stage 1 ( Year 1 and Year 2) are entitled to Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM), so all pupils in these classes can order meals at no cost to the parents/ carers.

EB's Catering also provide a packed lunch option for you to select and they will ensure early delivery on trip days.

Order forms and menus are available on ParentPay. 
Why Choose a School Meal?

There are many benefits of choosing school meals. School food has to meet high nutritional standards which guarantee children a healthy, balanced menu, and research shows that when students eat better at lunchtime in a decent environment, they do better in the afternoon.

For children and young people, school meals contribute to the development of good food habits and eating a healthy balanced diet from an early age is critical for growth, development and engagement with healthier food.

If you’re still not convinced then think of the time you’d save! You could save up to 190 hours a year, which is the time needed to make packed lunches that meet the nutritional standards of school meals – that’s just over a week!

Best of all, if you are in receipt of one of the benefits listed below, then you can apply for FREE school meals.

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