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Year 4 - Meerkats

Welcome to Year 4!
Meerkats - Ever alert and ready to learn.

The aim of Year 4 is to build on the quality content of the previous year groups. We want to nurture and encourage the feelings of independent thinking, learning and decision making. The pupils will be taking the next step in their learning with an exciting curriculum.

 In maths and English, we will be aiming to ensure pupils know and understand important key skills. Apostrophes, commas, times tables, and spellings are just some of the things children in Year 4 are expected to use accurately. Reading continues to be an important part of the school day and we love to showcase new authors, as well as delve deeper into class texts. Writing tasks continue to build stamina, but also focus on accuracy and the use of correct spellings, punctuation and grammar.

 Our science topics aim to engage the children with experiments and investigations. Fun and stimulating history and geography topics are also taught in Year Four. Topics based around our oceans, the Romans and Anglo-Saxons. These are the subjects that fire the imagination and that we hope children remember. Year 4 is also the year pupils are able to go swimming for the first time and learn how to play a guitar!

 Overall, perhaps the single most important aspect of this year is pupil’s increasing independence and confidence in what they can achieve at school. We will encourage all pupils to start to think about their own learning. They will need to make decisions on how to present work, how and when to complete homework, and how to learn best. We encourage questioning across all areas of the curriculum and hope to develop more critical thinking.

Year 4 is the end of Lower Key Stage 2, so we want to ensure pupils are ready for the next step in their education.

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