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Summer Term Specialist Week

Challenge Week 2023

Challenge week……was certainly a challenge!

The children were faced with many fun, exhilarating tasks in challenge week and by the end of Friday afternoon, we were all ready for a half term holiday!


The week started with an assembly which set a READY STEADY COOK challenge for each class. Some classes had lots of vegetables, others had fruits whilst some of the older classes had a real mixed bag of ingredients! As the children got to work, it was clear to see that we had a very competitive group of chefs amongst the teaching staff. The final pieces were:

-        Delicious strawberry pancakes in Nursery

-        Year 1’s fruit sundae cup

-        A delightful fruity cheesecake in Year 2

-        Mexican rice topped with cheese from our Year 3 class

-        Year 4 stirred up an amazing stir fry

-        In Year 5 there was a number of dishes including some quesadillas.

-        Our Year 6 children ended up with a spicy 3 course meal!

All the children were so proud of their finished dishes and our governor Mrs Smith decided Year 5 were the worthy winners of the prize for best dish!


The rest of the week involved a walk to Furzton Lake for some of our classes so they could carry out a Spring scavenger hunt and enjoy a picnic lunch. Also a challenge to build the largest tower in class and many word riddles and puzzles in our English lessons. As a school we even managed to run the equivalent of over 10 marathons with the number of laps we managed to complete around our school field.

A very tiring but fun week for the children!

Platinum Jubilee Celebrations, 2022
In our final week of the Summer half term, we celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. 

 Here are just a few things we got up to, to celebrate the Queen’s life and reign.  

-We will be worked collaboratively to create a whole school collage of the Union Flag.

-Children created their own keepsake pebble. Their designs were based on the royal themes of crowns and the Union Flag.

-In Key Stage One children learnt about the Queen’s reign. 

-In Key Stage Two children learnt about Queen Victoria and compared her reign with that of Queen Elizabeth II.

-We held a school Jubilee Fayre. We celebrated with special games and parents were able to purchase a special something the children had made.

-On the last day of the Summer term our celebrations culminate with a whole school jubilee street party. The children all came dressed in their party clothes and ate delicious finger food on the play ground. What a wonderful day!!  

Our planned events helped us celebrate the occasion and gave our children lasting memories of what was such a historical event in our nation’s history. 

God save the Queen!