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The School Day

Children attend our school daily from 8.45 am to 3.15 pm.

The Start of the School Day

Doors open at 8.40 am. Children are expected to arrive before this time and line up outside classroom doors. Teachers should open doors promptly at 8.40 am to allow children to enter.
Children are encouraged to organise themselves and sit quietly engaged in an activity until it is time for registration at 8.45 am. If parents needs to speak to the class teacher they should make an appointment by contacting the school office.

Times of the day

8.40 am Main gate is opened, Pupils enter the gate as their class is called
8.45 am Register
10.00 am KS1 break time, KS2 Assembly 
10.15 am KS2 break time, KS1 assembly
11:45am - 12:30pm KS1 lunchtime
12.15 pm - 1:00pm KS2 lunchtime
2.00 pm Afternoon playtime for FS and KS1
2.15 pm End of afternoon playtime
3.15 pm End of school day- Children are collected from the collection point outside their classroom
In a typical week, this amounts to 32.5 hours of time in school
To aid a smooth start to the day, we kindly ask parents to keep the gate area clear. If parents require a message to be given to the class teacher, we ask them to email the office who will forward the message to the relevant member of staff.